Optical Sorting Systems

Key's electro-optical sorting systems and laser inspection systems enable processors to enhance marketability and to ensure product integrity, food safety, quality, and appeal to end-users.

Manta® 1600 Laser / Camera Sorter

Featuring a 1520-mm wide scan area and up to seven cameras and two lasers, Manta 1600 sorts as much as 15 metric tons of product per hour to perfectly match the requirements of most processed vegetable, potato, and fruit production lines.

Manta® 2000 Laser / Camera Sorter

Manta's two-meter (79") wide scan area - the maximum available today - combines with its powerful, modular vision engine to give large-volume processors added throughput and sorting strength. Manta® features the flexibility of camera-only, laser-only or a camera- FluoRaptor™ - laser combination for the most comprehensive sort possible.

Optyx® 3000 Optical Sorter

Inspects product by color, shape, and size with Key's industry-leading cameras. Its one-meter wide (40") footprint is designed for lower-volumes and tight spaces; also used to recover usable rejects for top yield.

Optyx® 3000 Raptor Laser Sorter

Combines precision laser sorting with Optyx® 3000's color cameras to detect foreign material (FM), such as glass, rocks, insects and other debris in addition to product defects.

Optyx® 6000 Optical Sorter

Sorts product with twice the capacity of the Optyx® 3000 Optical Sorter, exceptional color recognition, and15 distinct camera configurations to meet specific application needs.

Optyx® 6000 Raptor Laser Sorter

Detects and ejects foreign material and defective product with cameras, Raptor laser technology, and twice the throughput of Optyx® 3000 Raptor Laser Sorter - without precision loss (a Key-only advantage).

Optyx® WPS

Optyx® WPS for whole potatoes achieves a three-way sort using a combination of air ejectors to remove foreign material (FM) and a unique deflector system to separate potatoes for rework from good potatoes.

Tegra® In-Air Optical Sorter

Provides 360° vision, precisely targeting hidden defects and EVM; handles up to a million objects a minute, ejecting unacceptable material within a millisecond of detection.