Health & Safety Policy

As part of an ongoing commitment to our customers, Flo-Mech has a comprehensive Health & Safety Policy. This ensures that each and every project will meet the ever-demanding needs to conform to all aspects of Health & Safety from the point of project concept and design, right through to installation and completion. Employees, suppliers and sub contractors alike undertake extensive Risk Assessment and Health & Safety training. Safety is "designed in" as early as the initial offer ensuring that Health & Safety is an integral part of our business.

When projects require us to work under Construction, Design and Management (CDM) regulations, we are well equipped to provide all the necessary Health & Safety management to fulfil this role. This includes our own qualified full-time Health & Safety Officer who ensures projects are carefully managed according to the latest statutory requirements.

The arrangements for Health & Safety management are subject to rigorous monitoring and audit by our Health & Safety Officer, in order to confirm compliance. It is also significant to note that this resource can be tapped into directly by our clients should they wish to avail themselves of our safety management services, including comprehensive safety planning.

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