Slurry Mixing and Application Systems

Many things are born out of necessity, and Flo-Flavour™ is no exception. Flo-Flavour™ is a slurry mixing and application system which has been developed for the requirements of today's modern snack food processing lines. The unit is designed to mix seasoning and oil at a required ratio and deliver resultant slurry, at a predetermined rate, to products passing through a flavour drum.

Currently there are two versions of Flo-Flavour™. A compact unit with slurry mixing and integral rotary drum on a common mobile frame, and a higher capacity system having much larger mixing tanks mounted on a heavy duty frame with an operator access platform. The latter machine can either be used in conjunction with an existing flavour drum, or a complete system can be supplied.

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Flo-Flavour™ Compact

The Compact unit is a new design to using smaller tanks to make up smaller batches of oil and powder mixed slurry resulting in less waste in the event of loss of production or sudden product changes. Available in manual control (push button) or fully automatic with HMI interface.


Single Tank Slurry Mixing and Application System

Flo-Mech have further extended the Flo-Flavour™ range with the introduction of the single tank system. With a range of options these lower cost units can be tailored to suit customer requirements and budgets.


  • Single tank with mixer
  • Mobile frame
  • Easy clean design
  • Safety grid with cut off switch
  • Hinged lid
  • Various pump options
  • Level detection options
  • Various flow meter and batch control options

Flo-Flavour™ Plus

Flavour Application System

We are pleased to announce the latest development in the proven Flo-Flavour™ range of snack seasoning systems. The latest Flo-Flavour™ Plus system uses separate oil and flavour applications as opposed to the traditional oil/flavour slurry system usually associated with the Flo-Flavour™ system.

Oil and Flavour systems are commonly used on lower fat products where the base product does not have sufficient oil content to allow a powder application to adhere to its surface and where a slurry application would be to the detriment of the low fat principle of the finished product.

The Flo-Flavour™ Plus system uses an oil application system with air atomising nozzle to allow low volumes of oil to be applied but with excellent dispersion. The oil mist is applied at the front end of the multi-flighted tumbling drum. The drum gently lifts and turns the product under the oil application zone.

The powder application is delivered from a variable speed metering screw feeder which has an independent agitator to ensure a consistent feed of conditioned flavour. The metering feeder discharges onto a vibratory curtain feeder which delivers powder into the discharge end of the tumbling drum. The vibratory curtain feeder discharges the flavour evenly across a fine curtain to ensure dispersion across the gently tumbling oiled product in the drum.

The rate of product is monitored via an ultrasonic bed depth sensor which, via the plc based controller, maintains strict proportional control of the oil and flavour application.

The combination of the elements ensure a consistently flavoured product with correct application of oil and flavouring. Making sure what's in the bag is what it says on the bag!

By maintaining proportional control of the oil and flavour application the product quality can be maintained and over-use of expensive ingredients controlled. The whole system is designed for easy cleaning and rapid product changes.

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