Flo-Filter™ - (Stack filter)

The Flo-Filter (stack filter) product is fitted in the frying process chimney stack. During the initial frying process the wet slices of potato cause violent bubbling and foaming of the frying oil. Steam is generated from the rapidly evaporating surface water and as a result of this some oil is liberated as droplets in the steam vapour. The action continues under the fryer hood as the slices move down inside the fryer. In most systems in Europe the oil is heated by an incinerator (such as the Flo-Therm™ heater). The frying vapours with the oil droplets are drawn from the fryer hood by a pollution fan which is connected to the fryer via a duct. The steam vapour is introduced into the burner flame and the oil aroma incinerated in the main heater body. Through the last 10-15 years the evolution and development of vegetable frying oils has led to improvements in heath and benefits in wellness properties. Unfortunately the mechanical properties have also changes which has caused gelatinisation and polymerisation on metal surfaces such as fryer and filter panels and ducting and the heater pollution header. This especially prevalent with hi olic sunflower oil. The use of a filter element in the base of the fryer stack reduced the oil carry over from the fryer and hence reduces oil build up. The frequency of scraping and cleaning is reduced and the opportunity of oil build up leading to fires is likewise reduced.

The filter unit is manufactured in stainless steel and the casing is cleaned with spray balls as part of the cip boil out cycle. The filter element is removable and cleaned when removed. The oil recovered from the filter element is normally recovered externally for quality checks. If the FFA values are acceptable the oil is re-used. In conjunction with the pollution fan the steam blanket through the fryer is regulated with a trim damper in the fryer chimney above the oil filter unit.

  • Fully Stainless steel construction
  • 5 slots for filter elements to be flexible on filter requirement
  • Filter elements are stainless steel mesh to collect oil droplets and are light weight in design
  • Safety interlocked door
  • Oil can be recovered via a collection point from the unit
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