Control, Automation & Software Systems

Control and Automation plays a major role in today's manufacturing processes. Without it, the output quality and volume of a manufacturing process would be nowhere near the consistently high levels we now see from world leading organisations.

With a never ending drive to increase output, quality and efficiency, gaining and keeping effective control of your process is more important than ever. This is why the control system should not be an after-thought, but an integral part of the process design from the outset.

From simple stand-alone Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to full-scale Distributed Control Systems (DCS) with allied IT infrastructure, Flo-Mech can make sure that the control and monitoring solution for your process is the right one and is efficient, cost effective and reliable. In recognising the crucial impact of the control system, Flo-Mech now have a dedicated Control, Automation and Software specialist, Chris Ellis, to provide expertise to our customers in all areas of our business.

Successful process control begins with the accurate measurement of process data - you cannot control effectively if the points of measurement are less than ideal or missing entirely. Moreover, tracking and recording process data has become increasingly paramount in recent years due to legislative requirements and spiralling raw material costs. But key to process improvement as a whole is in using that data intelligently to provide further benefit by way of analysis and reporting services - feeding the knowledge gained back into the process to make further refinements.

Capital projects and upgrades undertaken by Flo-Mech have implemented a variety of Control, Automation and Software systems utilising some of the latest available technologies. Furthermore, Flo-Mech has invested heavily in developing advanced control systems for specific applications and Chris will continue that drive for the benefit of our customers.

Flo-Mech can assist in developing an initial design concept, user requirement specification or systems to upgrade or enhance an existing installation. We can also design and implement complete systems for new equipment and processes from the ground up whether that be a small, large, simple or complex control and monitoring application.

No project is the same as another and the control system is no exception. Chris brings to Flo-Mech direct expertise in a wide range of Control, Automation and Software technologies used in Food and Beverage processes in addition to allied industries including Chemical and Water & Wastewater treatment.

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