Partnership with Colsen

Flo-mech are pleased to announce a partnership with Colsen. Together we can provide a full turnkey service in the UK and Ireland for waste water treatment projects.

About Colsen

Colsen b.v. is situated in Hulst (The Netherlands). Our customer base is mainly in the food-processing industry and in the communal and industrial waste water area. Colsen is specialized in the execution of projects in the area of water treatment and energy production via (anaerobic) digestion. The Colsen activities range from problem solving, design and engineering, project management, construction supervision, commissioning as well as operation and maintenance support. Colsen has a very flexible organization and is used to providing tailor made solutions for our clients in a multidisciplinary setting.

Colsen has developed a number of technologies in water treatment, energy (biogas) production and nutrient recovery. Currently Colsen owns and employs state of the art technologies for nutrient recovery of Phosphorus (ANPHOS®), Nitrogen (AMFER®) and Sulphur (BIDOX®) each based on the C-2-C concept. Furthermore Colsen has developed a unique and sustainable technology for nitrogen removal from waste water (NAS®) and for digestate mixing and processing (Digestmix®). In order to further improve the effluent quality to fresh water quality for boiler feed or cooling towers or to process water, a new RO-Recycle® process has been developed. Current state of the art RO systems are capable of phosphate removal such that chemical de-phosphatization steps can be skipped after biological water purification.

These technologies were realized in close collaboration with academia in various parts of Europe, e.g. University of Gent (Belgium), Ionina (Greece) Copenhagen (Denmark) and Utrecht (The Netherlands). In this way a broad spectrum of technologies have been developed over the past 20 years. These technologies enable Colsen to provide focused add-on solutions to a given type of technological challenge, but at the same time offer a holistic project approach to our customers. Not only will Colsen deal with the water treatment aspect of a project, Colsen will also ensure that energy and nutrient recovery are part of a sustainable solution. Not only will Colsen look into the optimized bioconversion of waste streams, Colsen will also ensure that the biogas thus produced is further processed in the most economic and environmentally friendly manner. In those cases where project execution requires permits for the local authorities, Colsen is capable of assisting in their preparation. Through its university contacts Colsen is able to constantly improve its technology portfolio.

Colsen has executed projects in Western and Eastern European countries as well as in North and South America and in Africa. For the purpose of project execution and marketing Colsen cooperates with local partners in each country.

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