Coffee Processing Lines

Flo-Mech has a vast amount of experience in the coffee processing industry including complete turnkey installations, line relocations and equipment servicing.

Together with our partners Cablevey, we are able to offer the perfect solution for the transportation of coffee, whether it's roasted coffee beans or ground coffee. Tubular drag conveyors, like the Cablevey system, are changing the nature of coffee processing.

It is important to keep the integrity of the product while conveying the coffee and to protect it from contamination. The highly efficient Cablevey system drags the product internally and safely to it's next destination with the urethane clean-out discs eliminating any residual flavours.

The Cablevey system offers various points for inspection, discharge points, spots to view the coffee passing through and often a turn-around unit can be opened. Production flow can be adjusted with various available speeds.

Cablevey systems are designed specifically for the individual client and offer many options in layout, length and size. Any design configuration that is required can be accommodated, and systems can be made to fit any of the processing stages.